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Our adoption program

CANIMX is not an animal shelter, however, we do end up with a number of dogs and cats that have been rescued. These animals are active members of our adoption program, which is different from other local adoption programs for the following reasons:

  • We DO NOT offer them up for adoption to families abroad, NOR DO WE SHIP THEM THERE. Animals rescued in La Paz are offered for adoption to families in the La Paz area.
  • We have a very thorough adoption policy and screen our clients very carefully, including visits after the adoption has taken place.
  • We have an incredibly strong Marketing Department that includes our website, social media and our own Mobile APP, all of which not only help us put our rescued animals up for adoption, but can also be used by private individuals to list their animals up for adoption as well.

Shipping dogs is a common practice of other Baja based rescue organizations. Most U.S. Cities already have animal shelters, and we encourage people living in those cities and towns to visit their local shelter and adopt. An animal shipped to the United States means an animal in a U.S. Shelter will not be adopted and will be euthanized. Also, the cost of shipping these dogs is high, and these funds would be better spent spaying and neutering; If 100 dogs are rescued and shipped to the United States, the animals that could have been sterilized at the same cost of shipping those 100 will have multiplied within a few weeks, replacing those rescued with new strays.

The decision to adopt a pet

Adoption is an act of love, as you are giving your new pet the opportunity to live a better life. CANIMX can assure you that it will be one of the most gratifying experiences of your life. Remember: adoption is not a capricious whim, it is an act of responsibility.

We have found happy homes for more dogs and cats than any other organization in the Baja Peninsula due to our Marketing Department, as well as involved residents and on-line followers. We understand that there are enough homes locally for most of these animals, and do our utmost to make sure they are successfully placed there. CANIMX adoption's program look up to guarantee that not only the rescued animals find a home but being integrated into a caring, loving, committed and responsible family that will assure its well-beign.


Form questions are set out to reveal if the adoptant, his family and his place are suitable to receive a new pet, as well as recommendate the most appropriate animal according to its necesities, its space and its lifestyle.

According to the information we receive, we will verify the disposition and the importance that the adoptant is taking to adopt a new pet, everything for the sake of the integrants of the foundation and the animals in adoption. Once these two steps are completed we will communicate with the adoptante to officialy begin the adoption process.

We will contact you to give you the results on your request and we'll ask you to visit us within a work week in order to see the candidates, see what animal we think would be more suitable for you and sign the contract.

This contract is a legal document where the adoptant is committed to treat the new pet in agreement with what it is stipulated in the law, and make sure that in the case these conditions are not fulfilled we have the power to recuperate the animal and look up for a more suitable family for it.

Your Information

Before adopting, you have to ask yourself:

Are you aware of the expenses involved into having a pet?
Are you committed to keep the adopted animal in the best and more suitable conditions to its welfare and fulfill the current animal protection regulations?
Will you take care of all the attentions that this animal might need, feed it, walk it (in case of beign a dog), treat it with all due respect and care about it?
Are you willing to health monitoring the animal, providing all the corresponding vaccines, deparasitation, revisions, and medical attention in case of getting any diseases or suffer an accident?
Will you facilitate CANIMX to track the animal's development in order to confirm that said pet is beign taken care adequately?
If the animal was not sterilized at the moment of being adopted, it is mandatory to do it once it turns 6 months old if the pet is still a puppy, or 2 months after being adopted if it was already older than 6 months. Are you willing to take responsability and get the pet properly treated?
Were the residents of your home previously informed about your wish of adopting a new pat and at the same time did everyone in your place of residence agree to adopt the animal in question?
Have you been previously informed about the pet's health, its age, character and physical characteristics by CANIMX?