Report the abuse

Put an end to animal abuse

In Mexico, each state has its own laws on animal abuse. In Baja California Sur we have the "Domestic animal protection law” published on June 20 2013, which applies to Domestic Animals.

The law states strict punishment in fines and jail time for whosoever abuses a domestic animal for any purpose.

Thus we ask that you join us in our efforts to stop animal abuse, by reporting any case of mistreatment to animals you may come across.

We encourage to report on any animal which seems to be in distress or in any state of suffering imposed by humans. If you are a witness to brutality, starvation or restraint of an animal by its owners or any other person, please let us know.

Citizen alerts

Do you know of a pet that has been abused or mistreated?

Would you like to take action to make sure something is done about it?

Please let us know. Write down a message describing what you have witnessed and don't forget to add details such as what happened, where the animal in question is located and who committed the abuse.

We will reply as quickly as possible