Veterinary Services

We provide all veterinary services

Unlike other animal hospitals in La Paz, CANIMX has a full CLINIC and HOSPITAL with a capacity to take in around 80 patients a day, with doctors on-site 24/7.

Also unlike other animal hospitals and veterinary clinics, we have the SPACE and the adequate areas for these animals to be kept for recovery. Some diseases, such as KENNEL COUGH or PARVOVIRUS are highly contagious, and many veterinarians prefer to let the animals die, or to euthanize them, because they simply do not have the space to quarantine them. CANIMX has the proper quarantine facilities, where highly contagious pets are kept separate to avoid cross-contamination until they make a full recovery and can go home.

We Provide EVERYTHING, from diagnosis, to basic healthcare, including Checkups, Vaccinations, Spay / Neuter, Medical Diagnosis and Treatment of Illness and Injury, Minor and Major Surgery, Cesarean Section, Parasite Eradication and De-worming, Dental Higiene, Bathing as well as Hospitalization, Recovery and Rehabilitation. We also provide health certificates for your pet.

We have an ambulance service for emergencies and our doctors are on call around the clock through our emergency number. Our prices are the lowest in La Paz.

We treat Cats, Dogs and Farm Animals, as well as rescued wild animals that occasionally come in.

Our doctors

CANIMX’s veterinary doctors are some of the very best in the state. We have both full time doctors and visiting doctors, as well as over 250 veterinary students, courtesy of the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur. Due to the way we operate and are, in turn, changing the way the veterinary industry operates, the University both supports CANIMX and relies on CANIMX to offer educational programs.

Our doctors receive veterinary students who come to CANIMX to learn and do their social services by lending their skills. We offer an advance curriculum for student veterinarians. Our doctors also offer educational programs in animal care at other Universities, at schools and public forums. There the public is educated on spaying and neutering, parasites, vaccinations and other topics. Our vets are professionals, with the skills needed to perform any procedure, from treating the simplest malady to the most complex emergency.

Healthcare Insurance at low cost

Our general healthcare insurance ABC has the goal to provide protection to the most vulnerable sectors of the community, through a veterinary healthcare system oriented to reduce medical expenses and encourage the opportune attention of animal's health.

Please, fulfill this from if you are interested on acquiring a healthcare insurance for your pet.