Tracking application designed for animal rescuers

This is the online app that every animal rescuer in the world was waiting for. It was designed to locate and help all the animals in distress in order to give them proper medical attention, rehabilitation and finally get them a home where to live.

Any user can be registered through this application, it just takes 1 minute to input your phone number and you password. After registration user can do the search and adopt animal, can also view the pets near by on map locations, post a pet from that has been lost or found and denunce and animal in distress.

In a perfect work, even policemen and animal control centers will be using this app to help animals in distress. Once they get a notification that an animal indangered has been found, they can go immediately to the place this animal in question was found since the location is given by GPS, and if there is any troubles finding it, they can communicate with the person that post the dogs with a call.

Best part is that this application is available on iOS and Android, so practically everyone helding a smartphone is able to download it and support the animals.

App Store Google play

App home screen

This is the main page of the app. A user can search, adopt, get alert and claim a pet. Users are also able to view the whole gallery of pets in the entire system and see all the animals registered nearby the users location.

Near By Alerts

Users will be able to look up manually for the pets near by their location. Also, they will get a notification every time a new animal close to them is inputted into the system.

It will only take a single tapping to navigate to the pet profile to get in contact with the original poster, or even for an adoption.

Search & adopt screen

Users are able to search for a specific pet by filtering different characteristics such as pet type, breed type, date (when missing or found), location and even phsycical details.

The user will obtained results filtered according to the details given. These results will contain the image of the pet and it will just take a tapping to open the pet profile page

Pet profile screen

Here, the users will see more detailed info on the animals, including its location.

They will have a few options to do, including tapping on the canimx icon to see a slideshow with all the pictures shared of said pet, to see its current status (labeled as lost, found, in distress or adopted), to share the profile page in social media and more important the option to call the original poster.

Thus, if the animal is indangered and the user is a rescuer, he or she can get in touch really quick with the person reporting this animal for more information, or they can go directly for adoption if the owner is not able to take care of it any longer.

App form screen

Inputting information within a form is extra easy and every information a user fills out is going to be labeled according to the fullfilled form. Thus, it can be labeled as “in distress”, “for adoption”, “lost” and/or “found”.

Pet name is only available if the user is posting a pet being given away for adoption or lost. Everything else is self explanatory. Remember the most detailed the information the user gives, the more easily to find through filtered searchs will be.

App menu screen

Pretty straight fordward interface with language selection and an option to change the user’s password.

In a future update links for other CANIMX platforms will be added, such as Patreon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, what is more, customers will be able to visit the online store with a single tapping.