About Us

CANIMX is an animal rescue and healthcare facility operating out of the city of La Paz in Baja, Mexico, with a full staff including veterinary doctors, caretakers and rescue personnel, as well as a social media and public relations department. Our facilities include a full veterinary clinic and animal hospital, complete with ambulances and rescue vehicles which are fully sanctioned by the local authorities. The main complex includes a kennel area for animal reception and healthcare prep, as well as different pens and enclosures for varying levels of canine and feline recovery. CANIMX’s Medical facilities are equipped for every level of animal healthcare, from vaccination to trauma treatment to major surgery and recovery.

Our staff is present around the clock and are fully committed to the attention and care of the animals that are checked in or rescued. Most of our patients are dogs and cats, but we also attend to the care and rescue of farm animals and livestock.

We at CANIMX love animals pure and simple.

The goal of CANIMX is to bring a swift end to the problem of animal suffering that is common in a third world country like Mexico, especially in rural communities, where canine and feline overpopulation has become the common denominator that, when added to growing levels of poverty and scarce household income in these communities, results in large numbers of these creatures ending up homeless, starving, disease ridden and mistreated. Thus CANIMX operates under the premise that every animal attended, whether checked in or rescued must be sterilized, and that the population must be made aware of the fact that controlling the proliferation of these creatures not only prevents future suffering of cats and dogs, but benefits the community as well.

CANIMX operates under the belief that affordable healthcare for pets is the only option for this goal to be reached. In Mexico, where a middle class barely exists and household income has dropped over the past decade, the elevated fees of veterinary clinics become cost-prohibitive for many pet owners, who in turn end up abandoning their pets to their fates by either opting for euthanasia, or simply turning the animals out to the street to fend for themselves. To combat this problem, CANIMX has devised a set of healthcare fees that cover our basic expenses for medicine, hospice and operating costs, while still turning a profit and remaining affordable; far below the cost of the average veterinary clinic. The healthcare we provide is first class, our facilities are excellent, and we never turn a patient down, regardless of whether the pet’s owner or rescuer can afford to pay for healthcare.

The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that's the essence of inhumanity.

Domestic animals like cats and dogs are intimately linked to humans. They have evolved and have been bred for human companionship and interaction. These animals seek us out, and thrive when they have our affection, our protection and companionship. In turn, they provide the same things to us. It is a symbiotic relationship.

Unfortunately there are many factors that contribute to pets being abandoned or discarded. People are not always fit to keep pets; Some abuse them due to their own frustrations. Others neglect them due to disinterest. Still others simply do not have the time, the space or the economic stability to afford a pet. In Mexico, poverty has grown at alarming rates, and with it, the population of stray dogs and cats.

The idea of Spaying/Neutering a pet is also not very widespread. There is a lack of educational programs. There is a cultural resistance, as many pet owners feel their dogs are being “emasculated” when neutered. Thus these pets, when neglected or left to their own devices, breed at an alarming rate, and homeless dogs and cats are born into a harsh reality of suffering.

We feel empathy towards them and their plight, especially since we believe that animal overpopulation is not difficult to eradicate. We know that with the proper method, one that we have devised and used in the past, we can quickly spay and neuter every single pet and stray animal in any given community at a very low cost and that we can provide affordable healthcare to ailing animals, whether they be brought in by owners or rescued off the street, and not only save many lives, but provide hope and new homes for these animals who, we believe, deserve a better quality of life.

Our Program

CANIMX is trying to change the whole animal healthcare system and create a socially responsible program where prices must be reduced in order to give animals more chances to live.

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Veterinary Services

We provide every kind of veterinary services, from diagnosis, to basic healthcare, including Checkups, Vaccinations, Spay & Neuter, Medical Diagnosis and Treatment of Illness and Injury, Minor and Major Surgery, Cesarean Section, Parasite Eradication and De-worming, Dental Higiene, Bathing as well as Hospitalization, Recovery and Rehabilitation. We also provide health certificates for your pet.

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This is an app for animal rescuers. It was designed to help all the animals in distress and help them to get proper medical attention, rehabilitation and finally a home.

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