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Animal healthcare and rescue

The goal of CANIMX is to bring a swift end to the problem of animal abuse. Canine and feline overpopulation is rampant in developing countries like Mexico, particularly in rural communities. Low household incomes and high levels of poverty have resulted in large numbers of animals ending up homeless, starving, disease-ridden and mistreated.

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Save more lives

Please Donate

Please donate now and save more lives. These Donations will be used by CANIMX for medical equipment, supplies for our guest pets, transportation and many other assets necessary to continue working on our project with the aim of saving and rescuing animals.

Make your donation today and join us in our mission, give life, get love. Your contribution to CANIMX goes straight to work helping the animals in the region of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Thank you for keeping this cause afloat.

Download the app

Any user can be registered through this application. After registration user can do the search and adopt animal. User can do the volunteer donation and can do the donation for a specific pet. User can also view the pets near by on map locations. User can post a pet from post and claim screen. User can post a pet as a “Posted”, Lost or Found as “Lost” or “Found” and animal In distress as “Distress”.This application is very useful those who are looking for to post new pet, adopt and donate something for a pet.

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